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Baby Yoga September 21, 2010

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She can touch her toes, yay! T’s high muscle tone prevents her from having the flexibility that most full term babies have, therefore, something simple like reaching for your toes, can be quite difficult for a preemie. Every day, we do exercises to increase the flexibility and loosen up her stiff muscles. So, here we are 8.5 months and we finally have a toe grab, yay!

And, we actually did try a Mommy and Me Yoga class but that was a big FAIL. T is going through some separation anxiety right now so that made it quite difficult for me to do any type of yoga or to help her with some baby yoga moves. She only wanted me to hold her and nurse the entire class. What can I say, she loves her mama! I think we’ll give it more time before we try again.


One Response to “Baby Yoga”

  1. CraftyRachel Says:

    Go T! She can figure out those fancy moves without the structured class. 😉

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