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Devastated August 30, 2010

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Both of our external hard drives have had mechanical failures. This means every single photo, video, document and music file from the last six years is gone, unless it can be recovered. We’re talking about our engagement photos, wedding photos, our Australia pictures, travel photos, T’s birth pictures and videos, her growing up photos and videos, our recent trip to Australia and Hawaii… EVERYTHING. I just about want to cry.

Here we are trying to do the right thing and back up everything on a hard drive and then back up that hard drive and they both FAIL. What crappy luck we have!

So, now I have to find a data recovery company that we can send off our hard drive to, in an attempt to recover anything that we can. This is going to cost a small fortune- probably a few grand, but how could we not try to recover the pictures and videos of some of the most important and special times in our lives? We have to try despite the steep price tag. I’m just very bitter about the whole situation.

If all is lost, I do have a few photos on my laptop that will provide a little comfort but still, this is just awful. Now I wish I had been a better blogger and blogged about EVERY.SINGLE.THING.

If by some miracle, our stuff is able to be recovered, we’ll be storing our data with one of those online services in addition to the hard drive. Seriously though, how crappy is our situation.

I’m a very sad panda.


8 Months August 26, 2010

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This has been a busy month between getting settled back into life after our travels and setting up some sort of routine/normalcy back at “home.” We’ve been making lots of little friends between our mamas groups and our gym, music and sign language classes. I’m sure it sounds like a lot of classes for a little one but really, it’s mostly just a fun time for T and I to hang out together outside of the house or the park.

It is clear to both Daddy-O and I that Little Miss T is becoming more like a little girl and less like a baby. She’s definitely on her way to toddlerhood. T’s personality is coming through more and more with each new skill or something new that she finds interesting or amusing. It’s so much fun watching T explore all around her, seeing her try her luck at sitting while playing or trying to stand (with the assistance of her parents). It also helps that T knows her name now, too. She’s turning left and right and all around to see who’s calling her. T’s laugh has also become a more distinct belly laugh and we all love making her giggle. I could listen to her laugh all day, it’s so sweet. I think separation anxiety is starting to set in but it’s not so extreme- just yet. I’m sure it will only get worse with time. Despite wanting to be with her Mama, T has enjoyed having her Auntie from NYC around for the rest of the summer. She makes T laugh something wicked and T is completely enthralled by her. Sister is a whiz with kids- they LOVE her and so it’s no exception that T has completely fallen for her, too. They’re good pals and I love watching T laugh at her silly auntie. Grammy and Auntie bought T her first swing for the backyard and T loves it. It just puts her to sleep every time… heaven.

I’ve been busy cooking up some yummy fruit and veggie purees. So far T has liked everything I’ve made except she wasn’t that thrilled about carrots. She still ate them for a few days but I could tell they weren’t her favorite. I really enjoy making her food and I’m looking forward to the farmer’s markets starting up, again, so I can buy her organic food, locally.

Here are Tegan’s 8 month highlights:

Tegan is…

  • 6 month 3 days old, adjusted age
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Height: Unknown
  • Sitting up on her own, all by herself
  • Able to play while sitting
  • Still taking her vitamins and probiotics

Tegan has…

  • Been hanging out with her Auntie and is having a blast
  • Hitting the pool and working on her kicking
  • Started to take an interest in the Puppy
  • Made friends
  • Been perfecting her belly laugh
  • Learned her name


  • Listening to Paul Simon and Friends
  • Rolling all over the place to get around
  • Waking up to smiling at her mama (this is the BEST!)
  • Watching other children play and trying to interact with them


  • Naps, still
  • Going to bed
  • Blankets, still.

We’re Melting August 24, 2010

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Today’s temperature according to my car:

This week’s forecast:
High 116°
Low 85°
Mostly Sunny
Mostly Sunny
High 112°
Low 85°
Partly Sunny
Partly Sunny
High 112°
Low 82°
Mostly Sunny
Mostly Sunny
High 110°
Low 74°
High 102°
Low 68

Who would have thought we’d be hoping for low 100’s… Saturday can’t come soon enough.


Busy, Busy August 22, 2010

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I’m alive. Were here. We’ve just been pretty busy since being back in the US.

Sister is in town from NYC for the rest of the summer so we’re having fun catching up. Then, Hub’s family was in town last week so we went down to San Diego for a beach holiday.

Little Miss T is keeping us pretty busy these days. I have enrolled T in a few classes and she seems to really enjoy them. T is taking a sign language class which is taught by a speech pathologist. The instructor is really good with T and so far the classes have been one-on-one which is really beneficial for T.

T also started a gym class which is mostly singing, dancing and me helping her on some of the gym equipment. She LOVES this class. It’s so much fun to watch her laugh and jump up and down with excitement. She also interacts with a lot of the kids in the class which I think is really beneficial for her, too. She’s learning to share, clean up, be nice and so forth. She’s still a little young, developmentally, to get all of that but she’s sees it and loves watching her peers.

The last class we joined is a music class. It runs three times a week but we usually go just once a week. We sing, dance and play with musical instruments. Her favorite instrument is the jingle stick, mostly because she likes to munch on the bells.

I’ve also joined a bunch of Mom’s groups, lately. I figure I might as well join several, scope them out and then commit to just the few that I like the most. The other day, we went to our first playdate with one group. The Mom’s group thing is kind of weird… like you’re on a blind date, speed dating or a combo of the two. Anyway, I’ll save my thoughts on that for another time.

In other baby news, T is eating more solids and therefore I’m busy making my own organic baby food. I love making her food. It’s so easy and I can’t wait to try so many different recipes. So far the only food she’s somewhat resisted has been carrots. She ate them but we could tell they weren’t her favorite.

We’ve also started to transition her to a sippy cup. We haven’t had too much luck with it, yet, but I think she’s slowly getting it.

I have lots to catch up on but right now I’m having so much fun spending time with my little Miss T… after all, she’s only a baby for so long. I have to enjoy it while I can. I will catch up on some blogging soon.


Back to Reality August 5, 2010

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Just a quick note that we’re back in the US. I have a lot to catch up on as the last few weeks of our travels, we didn’t have much access to the internet.

Sydney was great and we really enjoyed being back in the city that we love so much. Kauai was beautiful and I wish we spent more time there. We’ll just have to go back. There were many things we wanted to do before we left but we just didn’t have enough time. Leaving was hard!

I’ll catch up soon. Until then, be well!