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Solids July 11, 2010

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We started T on solids and so far, it’s been a great success. Since we’re away from home at the moment, we’re taking it slow in case there are any issues. We’ve only served up some organic rice cereal but I can tell T is going to enjoy trying new foods. She loves the cereal so much she’s decided to take things into her own hands and feed herself. I think she likes it!


2 Responses to “Solids”

  1. janine5511 Says:

    Good luck! Weaning is fun and frustrating at the same time. When you do get to egg (a while still) make sure you have the camera handy.

  2. CraftyRachel Says:

    Cute! She looks like she’s into it. It took us a while to get the spoon into Jax’s mouth. We still have food all over the place at mealtime – maybe even more than at first…

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