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Six Months June 26, 2010

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I love watching my little baby grow into a little person and at the same time, I am strongly aware that it won’t be too long before she’s no longer a baby. Here we are six months on and I find myself a little panicked as to where has all the time gone. Where has my little baby gone? I can hardly believe how big she’s gotten and yet, if she was full term, she would be even bigger and taller. The idea is hard to fathom.

Paul and I were recently looking at some of her newborn photos and it’s unreal to see her transformation. When she was born, she had so many tubes and wires and she could fit in the palm of our hand. Today, she has no more attachments to machines and she definitely requires both hands to hold her. Our little peanut has grown into our little girl as we know today. It’s absolutely wonderful and we appreciate every moment- nothing is taken for granted.

These are the days to remember. Every moment with Little Miss T is special and deeply cherished. I love spending my days with my little darling, watching her change and grow from one day to the next day. Just when I think I need a break or want to do something for myself, I realize that that stuff can wait. For now, I want to take it all in… hug her a little closer, kiss her a few more times, sing to her a little longer and cuddle together a little tighter.

This month we have been busy. As most of you know, we’ve taken off to Australia for a few months. Tegan was a superstar for her first flight ever, and an international one to boot! We’ve been hanging out in Sydney having a blast together. We’ve been to the zoo, the aquarium and the wildlife park. We’ve visited the art museums, caught up with friends, put our toes in the sand and water at Manly Beach and done heaps of shopping. We celebrated Father’s Day, had a little party for T’s 6 month birthday, and she’s started rice cereal (which she loves!) She’s showing more interest in toys and books and is constantly trying to grab anything and everything out of my hands.

Here are Tegan’s 6 month highlights:

Tegan is…

  • 4 month 3 days old, adjusted age
  • 12 pounds 14 ounces
  • 22 inches long
  • Learning to laugh
  • So curious about everything
  • Grabbing and holding on to nearly everything she sees
  • Able to stand with a little help
  • Blowing little raspberries when she laughs

Tegan has…

  • Had her 6 month shots
  • Found her hands and loves to munch on them constantly
  • Rolled over more
  • Become more comfortable with being held in different positions
  • Traveled to her first international destination
  • Taken her first airplane ride
  • Had her first carousel ride
  • Visited her first zoo, aquarium, beach and museum


  • Listening to Elizabeth Mitchell and the movie soundtrack of The Darjeeling Limited
  • Heading out every day to check out Sydney
  • Chomping on her hands and Sophie
  • Laughing at her Mama and Daddy’s singing
  • Being on her tummy, finally!
  • Smiling at her parents


  • Naps, still
  • Blankets. She loves kicking them off of her body
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One Response to “Six Months”

  1. emily Says:

    What a great photo – she really has come a long way. It must be so nice that you get to enjoy parenting rather than deal with the worrying when she was so small. Keep enjoying Australia! I’m sure Tegan will turn into a little explorer just like her parents.

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