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Happy Father’s Day June 20, 2010

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From the moment she came bursting in to the world, our lives were turned upside down. Parenthood has been anything but easy and anything but typical. In the beginning, it was really hard. There were many tears, many fears. Being first-time parents wasn’t quite what we imagined but we rolled with the punches and hoped for the best. You were strong, stoic and reassuring all throughout our rocky start into parenthood. I really could not have done it without you by my side. Now as the months go on, it gets a little easier as our little miracle grows and thrives.

She is the joy of our lives’ and Daddy’s little girl. She loves her Daddy rocking her to sleep, she loves when Daddy sings her lullabies. She loves how Daddy makes her laugh and just how easily Daddy calms her cries.

Paul, you truly are an amazing father. So patient, strong and loving. You encourage, teach and comfort. She is one lucky girl to have you as her Dad. We are stronger with you and we love you so. Thank you for being our rock through thick and thin. Happy first Father’s Day. xo

The strongest men in the world aren’t made of muscle alone. Rather, they are fathers who stay the course when something goes awry with the children of their dreams.

-Janet M. Gresham


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