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Five Months May 26, 2010

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Yikes, five months already. Wow. My baby is growing up at lightning speed, at least that’s what it seems like for me. I know every month I’m shocked by how quickly the time goes by but really, time does fly by once you have a baby. In the blink of an eye, Tegan is another month older and sometimes I just can’t get used to it.

As Tegan gets older, she’s becoming more aware and playful. In fact, she so stimulated by her environment, that she’s decided to ditch her naps so she can stay awake and play. Despite having to then deal with a cranky baby, it’s still so much fun to help Tegan develop and learn about the world around her. Every day she’s discovering something new- from munching on her hands to trying to suck her thumb or realizing she can grab her playmat toys and munch on them. She’s learning to like tummy time and is busy trying to roll over or sit up in her Bumbo chair. We also think Little Miss T has started to teethe as she’s been quite upset lately and a drooling machine. She’s keen to chomp on anything and everything that she can get near her mouth.

This month we have been busy with walks in the park, shopping at the farmer’s market, swimming in the pool, as well as celebrating Mother’s Day and Grampie’s birthday. Tegan also sent away her paperwork for her US passport and her Irish citizenship. It will probably take a while for her Irish citizenship to come through but her US passport should hopefully be here soon.

Here are Tegan’s 5 month highlights:

Tegan is…

  • 3 month 3 days old, adjusted age
  • 11 pounds 6 ounces
  • 21 inches long
  • Off of her monitors, yay!
  • Smiling ALL THE TIME
  • So interactive and enjoys playtime with her Mama and Daddy
  • Baby talking a little more
  • Batting at her toys
  • Sitting up in her Bumbo.

Tegan has…

  • Had her 5 month shots
  • Begun to teethe
  • Rolled over twice- back to front
  • Gone swimming a few more times and probably has way too many cute bathing suits for one baby
  • Noticed Puppy and loves to smile and laugh at her every time Puppy shakes her collar, so cute!
  • Been getting better at tummy time and is able to do more and more of it each day.


  • Listening to the movie soundtracks of Master and Commander and Amadeus
  • Her new soft toy music playmat. She’s learning how to coordinate her movements and enjoys batting at the toys
  • Reading books
  • Being carried around in her Moby, facing outward
  • Chomping on Sophie the Giraffe, her Haba teether and her playmat toys.


  • Baby massage, still
  • Naps. This kid is the queen of cat naps… 10 minutes tops at a time. Ugh!
  • Being carried in the Ergo facing her Mama. This bebe likes to see the world before her!

4 Responses to “Five Months”

  1. monique Says:

    gosh she is cute:) ahhhhh I was wondering what those giraffe’s were for – I just saw one at the store yeseterday!

  2. craftyrachel Says:

    She’s so sweet. I love that you’ve been swimming so much already! Isn’t it funny how different babies can be? Jax liked his Ergo once he could sit up but would always arch his back in it when he was smaller. He’d ride in it asleep. He was never a cuddler, but always had to be close to us. So hard to predict!

  3. Lane Says:

    So glad she off her monitors Holly! Yay! Also, I always love the music you list in her likes, I am going to need a mixed CD for Baby Bonk! Are we too old for mixed CD’s? haha

  4. emily Says:

    She is so precious! I love seeing how much she grows. Hope the teething passes quickly for you.

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