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Crying and Drooling… You Know What That Means! May 18, 2010

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I have much updating to do with this little ol’ blog but time keeps escaping me. See, I have a grumpy, cranky darling who appears to be teething (already!?). So, much of my time is spent trying to calm her cries and wipe her pools of drool. I certainly didn’t expect teething this early, especially with a preemie. I guess she’s taking after her mama- I had two teeth by the time I was three months and five teeth by five months!

Since Tegan is still working on grasping and holding items, I found the first hands-free teether and ordered a few along with some organic cool teethers. I hope she likes them. If anyone has any tips for dealing with teething, I’d love to hear them!

We have lots of catching up to do, but I promise, I’ll get around to it soon. Tegan has been busy swimming, celebrating Mother’s Day and Grandpa’s birthday, hanging out in her new pink Bumbo and strolling around the farmer’s market and civic parks. There are heaps of cute pictures to be seen so I will be posting soon. Until then, be well!


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