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One Month January 26, 2010

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Happy One Month Birthday, Tegan!

I can’t believe how quickly the time has passed. Parenthood has been such an amazing journey so far, albeit a bit different than we anticipated. Our time with our early bird has been filled with smiles, laughs and joy. At the same time, the month has also been met with tears, frustration and worry. It’s been a whirlwind of emotions that I can’t even begin to explain right now but I’ll probably make an attempt at a later time. We never imagined our daughter would come bursting into the world early but we are so proud of how hard she works every day to become bigger, stronger and healthier. We are honored to be her parents and words cannot explain our love and admiration for our brave little girl.

In honor of Tegan’s one month birthday, let’s celebrate her accomplishments so far.

Tegan is…

  • Now 4.5 pounds!
  • Done with phototherapy.
  • Regulating her body temperature on her own.
  • In a NICU “crib”- no more isolete.
  • Breathing on her own- no more respirator, C-PAP or nasal cannula.
  • Nippling (NICU term for bottle feeding) and is a good eater.
  • Free of her feeding tube.
  • Learning how to breastfeed.
  • Able to wear clothes.


Tegan has…

  • Been bathed once by us.
  • Had her diaper changed by us.
  • Had her temperature taken by us.
  • Enjoyed kangaroo care several times.
  • Enjoyed being held by her parents & grandparents.
  • Passed her hearing test.
  • Passed her eye test.
  • Received her Synagis & Hep B shots.



  • Being read to
  • Being sung to
  • Being held
  • Being swaddled
  • Being free from all wires, tubes, clothes & blankets
  • Sleeping
  • Eating



  • Being burped
  • Being poked, pricked and proded
  • When Mum & Dad have to leave her each time.


In other baby related news, Tegan had an EKG this afternoon. Lately, she’s been having episodes of desaturations (a sudden drop in breathing) and Bradys (a sudden drop in heart rate) so they’re running the EKG to make sure everything is okay. It could just be a “preemie thing” in that her body still has to work really hard to coordinate everything. I think the doctors are just being cautious in running the test and want to rule out any cardiac issues. Fingers crossed we get good news.


5 Responses to “One Month”

  1. Abby Says:

    What great progress! Happy 1st month Tegan! x

  2. Lane Says:

    xoxox Sending her all our good vibes!

  3. CraftyRachel Says:

    Happy first month, Tegan! That is a wonderful list of accomplishments to celebrate. Thinking of you as you await this next set of results.

  4. Allison Says:

    Happy one month Tegan! Congratulations to you for being such a strong little girl! Congratulations Mom and Dad too!
    You will be in my thoughts for good results for the testing.
    PS. Tegan- I hate being poked and prodded too 🙂

  5. Sandy Says:

    Such great progress!!! You definitely have much to celebrate! Sending good vibes your way for as you await your results!

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