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Kangaroo Care January 24, 2010

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For anyone not familiar with Kangaroo Care, you can read about it here.

Tegan loves her kangaroo care and we can see the benefits of it every time we have skin-to-skin contact. Her breathing is regulated, her heart rate improves, she gains more weight, sleeps better, cries less, is less fussy and so forth.


It’s wonderful to be able to bond with Tegan in this manner. Since she’s in the NICU, the time we’re allowed to spend with her is limited and it can sometimes feel like we aren’t able to bond with our baby as much as we would like. There are so many wires, tubes and monitors that even touching her can be a daunting and difficult task. Everything is based around the NICU rules and the nurses’ schedules which makes it difficult to feel like we have any control or say in caring for our own daughter. We have to ask if we can hold her, nurse her, change her, etc. We have to wear gowns, gloves and masks which feel like a barrier between us and Tegan. We have yet been able to kiss our little girl because the masks must be on at all times. In a way, we feel a little helpless and it’s quite frustrating not being able to care for her on our own. Thankfully, kanagroo care allows us to spend quality time with our baby girl and it’s just the best time for us as a family.


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