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We Made It! November 23, 2009

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After a long travel day on Saturday, we arrived in California. Thanks to completely full flights on each layover, I was stuck in the middle seat each time. With a 6’3″ husband, it just makes sense for my petite self to take the middle and he takes the seat next to me. And, just for the record, Husband did offer several times to sit in the middle but really, it’s just more practical for me to sit in the middle and rest in to his space a little bit. On top of the crappy middle seat, one guy next to me was a space hog and completely kept invading my space despite my push back attempts. I made him pay by getting up several times to use the bathroom. Then on the final leg of the flight, the guy next to me spilled his bloody mary all over me. It was an accident but really, who wants to smell like tomato juice the entire flight? Not to mention that my clothes are now stained… good times. On top of that Southwest broke our suitcase, that has been used just one time before, so that it’s completely missing the entire wheel attachment. The fabric is missing from the area of where the wheel once was resulting in my clothes being exposed in the gaping hole. We went to Southwest’s baggage handling counter and we were told they’re not responsible for any damage to the exterior of the bag- things like zippers, fabric, wheels, handles, straps, etc. Needless to say I’ll be writing them a letter about how they broke the bag so it was inoperable and therefore I had to carry a 50 pound suitcase at 27 weeks pregnant because there was, “nothing we can do.” At least I only got sick once while traveling which was a plus! Baby was pretty quiet on Sunday which freaked us out a little bit but then she came around towards the end of the night a little bit. I’d still like it if she was kicking around more considering how active she had been lately. She must be tired still… jet lag 🙂


One Response to “We Made It!”

  1. Jelena Says:

    Glad you made it safely despite the hiccups. And I hear you on the tall husband thing – great for wearing high heels and showing him off 🙂 not so great on the plane 🙂

    I missed that you are having a little girl! Congrats!

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