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Road Trip September 9, 2009

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After we said all of our goodbyes to our friends and family in California, it was time to hit the road. We loaded up our car with the essentials and left the rest behind in storage- to pick up and transport once we have purchased a house. For now, we are renting a furnished apartment so all of our stuff was not needed.

Armed with our trusty GPS, a few audio books for our listening pleasure and our snack bag full of road trip treats, we were on our merry way and ready to conquer the great open roads of the U.S. Of course, California didn’t disappoint without sending us off with one last major traffic jam to sit through. Despite the hour delay right off the bat, the rest of our trip went relatively smoothly. Although, come to think of it, every state we drove through was under construction thanks to The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Luckily, it didn’t cause too many delays. A few times during our drive, we had to outrun some nasty summer storms that were bearing down on our route, but all in all, we were treated to mostly sunny skies and smooth sailing… until we reached Massachusetts.

As a big welcome back to the Bay State, we were greeted with a tire blow out at dusk. We Hubs attempted to change our tire and did a great job until he got to the last center bolt… no matter what, it wouldn’t turn. Off I went to ring our insurance company for some mechanical support. After waiting an hour because the tow truck couldn’t find us, help arrived and by this time it was pitch dark. Turns out the reason Hubs couldn’t get the last bolt off was because it’s a security feature to prevent tire theft and can only be removed with a special part that gets attached to some high tech drill. After unpacking our ENTIRE car and scouring it for the magical attachment part, we couldn’t find it… even the mechanic tore our car apart and couldn’t find anything. At this point it was getting desperate and the mechanic said we were going to need a tow to a garage and wait it out overnight until we can get in to our car’s dealership for service. Of course, he’s telling us this isn’t covered by insurance anymore and we’re going to need four new tires and what not. Determined not to give up, Hubs took one more look in the trunk all the way in the back crack where the back seats and trunk meet. What do you know? There was the little bugger! Alleluia! Woo hoo! The magic attachment piece is put in to action, tire removed, dummy tire applied and off we went to our new home… driving no more than 50 miles an hour on the highway. Yes, everyone honked at us and probably cursed us out even if we were in the slow lane. Hey, it’s not my fault you can’t go more than 50 mph on our spare tire. We arrived after 10pm to our new home and crashed. We finally made it. The next morning, we were up early to replace all four tires. So glad my super duper car service I had done BEFORE we left California helped us avoid our blow out… pft!  I even asked them if our tires would be okay, do we need new ones, etc… “Oh no, they’re fine. You’ll make it there no problems.”

In any event, driving across country was fun and it was amazing to see the changing landscapes and talk with people along the way. Driving through the middle of the country, it seems like such a different world, a different way of life compared to the lifestyles and environments on the coasts. Yes, there was lots of corn… fields and fields of corn for most of our journey but still, it struck me at how beautiful each state is in its own way.  I especially enjoyed Iowa- the gentle rolling green hills, small farms dotting the countryside, it was just beautiful and almost makes me want to move there and run my own farm. Driving across country is something I think everyone should do at some point in their life. I consider myself lucky we had the opportunity.

Without further delay, some photos from our road trip:

July August 2009 025 July August 2009 017 July August 2009 021 July August 2009 022

July August 2009 028 July August 2009 030 July August 2009 039 July August 2009 040

July August 2009 041 July August 2009 044 July August 2009 051 July August 2009 060


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