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Die Hard = Awesome Wife June 29, 2009

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To escape the obscene 115 degree heat yesterday, the Husband and I resorted to staying cool indoors by watching 80’s movies on the tele. Little did I know that watching Die Hard (1988) would lead to a surprising realization by the Hubs.

As we were watching Die Hard, our conversation went down something like this:

Me: Don’t you just love Christmas movies in the heat of the summer. It makes me forget how hot it actually is outside.

Hubs: Wow, you’re an awesome wife.

Me: Well, yes I am but where did that come from?

Hubs: You’re an awesome wife because you think Die Hard is a Christmas movie.

There you go girls… come Christmas, think about suggesting Die Hard as your holiday pick. Your husband will love you for it!


In the Swing of Things June 26, 2009

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The weather has been absolutely gorgeous here and the Hubs and I have been taking advantage of it by heading to the driving range a few times a week. Now, I’m not that good and have never played a round of golf in my life but I do enjoy the driving range- most of the time, actually, mostly when I’m swinging well, ha! I’m slowly getting the hang of it thanks to the Hubs. Paul is pretty good at golf to begin with so he’s my private instructor. Thankfully he puts up with my impatience and my clumsy nature which results in him nearly being whacked with my club or hit by my ball that’s gone astray. He’s a good sport and isn’t even getting paid despite the dangers! I have to say, my swing is getting better and I’m beginning to hit it straight rather than slicing it or shanking it or whatever the correct golf term is. The next thing to work on is increasing the distance… I really can’t hit it that far, yet, but I’m sure that’s just a few more swings away.

Golf June 2009 015 Golf June 2009 006


Happy Father’s Day June 21, 2009

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Wishing my Dad a most wonderful day. I love you.

May 2009- Dad 75th, Mel 30th & Mother's Day 167


The Lazy Dog Days of Summer June 10, 2009

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Cuddling with her friends….

And posing for her close-up:

Tough life, huh?


Thanks, Donna & Bob! June 3, 2009

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Dad loved it all! The peanuts are already gone!

May 2009- Dad 75th, Mel 30th & Mother's Day 215 May 2009- Dad 75th, Mel 30th & Mother's Day 220 May 2009- Dad 75th, Mel 30th & Mother's Day 219 May 2009- Dad 75th, Mel 30th & Mother's Day 217 May 2009- Dad 75th, Mel 30th & Mother's Day 218