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Milford Sound May 17, 2009

After some re-arranging of our trip due to the rapidly changing weather conditions, we made our way from Queenstown to Milford Sound. Nestled in the World Heritage Fiordland National Park, Milford Sound is one of the top tourist destinations in New Zealand.

The two hour drive to Milford Sound itself passes through unspoiled mountain landscapes. We allowed plenty of time to stop and drink in the magnificent scenery. Towards the end of of journey, we entered the 1.2 km Homer Tunnel which brought us into the rainforest canyons that descend to the sound.

P4150528 P4150525 P4150544 P4150537 P4150546 P4150526

Once we arrived at Milford Sound, we were immediately taken with the Sound’s grandeur. Milford Sound’s natural beauty is simply spectacular. It offers some of the world’s most staggering coastal scenery, and better still, there is no development – just a modest boat dock, otherwise known as a quay. After a little coastal walk, we boarded our boat for a three hour cruise and enjoyed every minute of the splendid beauty.

P4150553 P4150687 P4150566 P4150620 P4150660 P4150588 P4150650 P4150643 P4150656 P4150665 P4150607 P4150674


One Response to “Milford Sound”

  1. Allison Says:

    It is easy to see why this is a top tourist destination in New Zeland. Beautiful! Wow!

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