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Wanaka May 8, 2009

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Continuing on…

After Lake Tekapo, we drove to Wanaka which is about two hours outside of Queenstown. Wanaka is a small resort town at the southern end of Lake Wanaka and is the gateway to Mt. Aspiring National Park. As a result, it boasts some fantastic outdoor acitivites including hiking, sailing, boating, skiing, whitewater rafting, etc.

We spent a few days in Wanaka and generally just enjoyed some relaxing downtime. We did a few bush walks around the lake- which is crystal clear, some kayaking and enjoyed the scenery. The seasons are reversed so New Zealand is well in to autumn which provided some amazing autumnal colors on the trees. It reminded me of New England in the fall. The mountain peaks were slightly snow-capped as well to complete the picture perfect scenery.

P4120198 P4120214 P4120210 P4120206

P4120207 P4120247 P4120209 P4120257

After Wanaka, it’s on to Queenstown… stay tuned for more!


One Response to “Wanaka”

  1. Jelena Says:

    Beautiful photos!

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