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Update: The End of a Secret Love Affair April 26, 2009

I’m taking a break from blogging about my travels to post about what appears to be an important subject for many of my readers. A while back, I wrote about my slight obsession with Secret Platinum Soft Solid™ deodorant which you can read here. In the post, I told of my horror when there was none to be found in the stores after returning from Australia and, in fact, it was being discontinued to make way for Secret Flawless deodorant. Well, it turns out I’m not the only one who is a devoted fan of Secret Platinum Soft Solid. In fact, my post, The End of a Secret Love Affair, about the deodorant has received the most blog hits than any other post I’ve written and daily, have hundreds of people stumble upon my blog in their quest to find Secret Platinum Soft Solid.

Seeing as though I’m not the only one upset to see the amazing Secret Platinum Soft Solid go off the market, I thought I would give an update. I have tried Secret Flawless Conditioning Solid and unfortunately, it is rubbish but I’m forced to stick with it for the time being. Flawless conditioning solid does not cut it for me at all. No matter how gently I try to put on the deodorant, it does not go on smoothly. On numerous occasions, I have changed shirts throughout the day only to find the deodorant is all rolled up in to little balls- ick! (*TMI alert*) The balls are either all over my clothes or stuck under my underarms, seriously, gross! The fact that it balls up and rubs off also leaves me unprotected. Furthermore, when I finally do get enough to stay on, it does not keep me feeling protected throughout the day. Yes, I know, before I used to put Platinum soft solid on several times a day but that was more because I wanted to and not because I had to. With Flawless, I need to, I have to put it on several times a day- it does not last from day to night. Then again, this is probably what the maker, Procter & Gamble, wants because the more you put on, the more you use and the more of the product you’ll need to buy. I also do not like any of the scented or unscented brands and in fact find my skin a bit irritated. Really, I could go on and on but the point is, Flawless does not even come close to the awesome benefits of Platinum. Any for those reading this who can’t relate and are thinking to themselves, why doesn’t she just try an invisible or gel deodorant or something like that, well, read my previous post. I hate them!

So, consumers out there looking for Secret Platinum Soft Solid, I’m sorry to tell you it is off the market. There are a few stragglers out there but not many. I wrote to P&G about the situation and this was their response:

“Thanks for contacting us.

I’m sorry, but we discontinued this product and it’s no longer available. Generally, decisions to start or stop making products are based on consumer demand, so feedback like yours is extremely valuable. Please be assured I’m sharing your disappointment with the rest of our team.

In the future, you may want to check our brand websites for information about our current products. You may find a new favorite!

Thanks again for writing.

P&G Team”

Yes, it is a generic letter but at least I got a response and just maybe the feedback will be passed along. Readers, if you really want to see Secret Platinum Soft Solid back on the market, I suggest you write to P&G. I posted their contact info in my last post but click here to send an email. You have to power to make your voice heard. Take five minutes and send them a quick email! Let’s get Secret Platinum Soft Solid back on the market!


26 Responses to “Update: The End of a Secret Love Affair”

  1. Caroline Says:

    Thanks for posting this…I just went to the store and was SO disappointed! I bought the “original” and its just not working at ALL. I guess I’ll try flawless. Are there any other good ones out there?

  2. caitlin0210 Says:

    OMG I am devastated. Do they still have the Platinum Protection clear gel? Ugh. This is a terrible ending to a terrible day.

  3. Allison Says:

    Wow, it seems like a lot of people are devistated over this decision! Me too!
    I might just follow your example and write to P&G. How can so many people be so devistated about the loss of a product, yet they say there was no demand? Grrr!

  4. Holly Says:

    They’re getting rid of the Platinum line in order to sell the new Flawless brand. It’s terrible… I feel your pain.

    Go ahead and write to them- it can’t hurt and only takes a few minutes!

  5. Malinda Says:

    I have the same problem! I love the soft solid – it’s the only thing that works. I will not try the clinical stuff as it sort of scares me.

  6. Karen Says:

    Secret soft solid was so good. I used the unscented. You could forget to apply it the following day in a big hurry after a shower and the B.O. still would not pop through. Nothing else is working like the soft solid did, they just don’t quite make it through the day.
    If anyone spots Secret soft solid at Dollar Tree or General Dollar or Big Lots or somewhere like that, please tell us!

  7. Amanda Says:

    I am also very upset about this, I emailed them, hopefully if we can get enough people to email in complaints they will “re-instate” it!

  8. Colleen Says:

    I too got the same exact response when I emailed Procter and Gamble how dissapointing. I even broke open my wallet and shelled out the $10 for the clinical strength and even that does not measure up to the platinum strength. If anyone out there knows of a good deodorant that does not cost a lot let me know

  9. Blair Says:

    I am SO upset over this!!! I have been looking for my “refill” for weeks only to do a little internet research and find this out. I have used the Platinum Protection soft solid in powder fresh for so many years now! It’s extremely hard for me to find a good deodorant for a few reasons: my armpits are sensitive, they get irritated with clear/invisible gel, and they tend to get smelly fast, especially in the summer time… it may sound nasty, but I’m being real here. That’s why the Platinum worked for me… it came in solid and had more protection than the regular one.

    Yesterday I gave up and bought the regular powder fresh from kmart. I tried the Clinical Strength a long time ago and it irritated my armpits SO badly!!

    Does anyone have any suggestions for alternative brands? I don’t have a problem with hyper sweating, just skin sensitivity and odor…

  10. Kelly Says:

    I am SO devistated. This is the only deodorant that ever worked for me. I’ve tried the “clinical strength sport” and it’s terrible. I’m still looking for a new brand. I emailed the P&G team and received an identical letter. If anyone finds a comparable deodorant I would love to know!
    Thanks for contacting Secret.

    I’m sorry, but we discontinued this product and it’s no longer available. Generally, decisions to start or stop making products are based on consumer demand, so feedback like yours is extremely valuable. Please be assured I’m sharing your disappointment with the rest of our team.

    In the future, you may want to check our brand websites for information about our current products. You may find a new favorite!

    Thanks again for writing.

    Secret Team

  11. Nikki Says:

    Hey all, I too am devastated that it is no longer available. I’ve been trying other things to no avail.

    However, suave still makes the soft solid! Go get some before they too stop making it. I believe it’s only the powder fresh scent, but I’m sure it will work just fine.

  12. Laura Says:

    Count me in as someone that thinks this was the greatest deodorant ever! I don’t know why they have to stop making one product just to introduce another. Is it that hard to make both? Not sure of their inventory but I did find a Discount or Discontinued storefront on Amazon and bought some there.

  13. Tanya Says:

    OH… THE AGONY! My arm pits are DRENCHED! I’m extremely frustrated P&G discontinued my favorite deodorant, Secret Platinum Protection Soft Solid! Noooooo! I could just scream!!! Nothing is working!!! I also gave into the Clinical Strength hoping they just changed the label to make a buck. Oh, my God. Not only am I out $10+ … but, I’m sweating like a pig over here. Almost to the point that I need to take a clean shirt with me to work. This is embarrassing. I NEVER had any issues using the Platinum Protection soft solid. As the other blogger noted, you actually could skip a day and it kept on working!

    Honestly, I’m so distraught over this situation I have an appointment with a dermatologist next week. I’m willing to bet they have heard this issue already. Kinda makes me wonder if P&G is trying to cover up something a little more serious; (did the Platinum Protection cause some kind of health risks?!?!) Am I going to find out my arm pits will never be the same???

    Seriously thought, it took me a lifetime to find the perfect deodorant. Now, I’m worse off than I was back before it even came out.

    • Carolyn Says:

      I am positive the reason why Proctor &Gamble disscontinued Secret Platinum is because they wanted to make more money. So they came out with and made Secret Clinical Strength. Why buy clinical strength when platinum is just as good?? I think I am right on this. I have tried a few of the other Secret products but they just aren’t as effective. So when I come across a deodorant that works for me and if it’s not Secret well I will stop using the Secret line of deodorants. My boyfriend is telling me to use Mitchum. He swears to me it’s the best. So I went to the store today and purchased it. Let’s hope it works. I have been buying as many of the Secret platinums that I can find. So At least for the next couple of years I am set. I dread the day that I can’t use it anymore. My favorite is the Secret Invisible Solid in Coco Kuku Butter. I wrote to Proctor and Gamble today and told them what I think. I know it’s probably of no use. Most people at this point probably gave up. I have written actually numerous emails to them. Their response to me is a coupon good for a free Secret Clinical Strength. Like I said in the beginning of my letter. They want to make more money So everyone will have to buy the Secret Clinical Strength. I have yet to try it. But I might be forced into using it one day when my supply of Secret Platinum runs out.

  14. Vikki Says:

    can someone fill me in on exactly why secret platinum was discontinued I can’t find anything for why it was taken off the market… see my son took a bite of the stuff bout 2 weeks ago seemed harmless as he spit it all out rinsed his mouth and everything was fine now the other day he tested with an extremely high level of lead in his blood could it be from the deodorant, and furthermore why is there no posts anywhere why it was discontinued? I would really like to know any information on it… I’m taking the deodorant to the lab when I take him to have it tested for lead!

  15. Vikki Says:

    never mind I bought some lead tests from the hardware store that stuff is lead positive anyone who has used that stuff ought to go seek medical attention… that’s probably why it was discontinued because its poisonous. Hopefully me and my son will be ok after treatment I will deff be much more careful when I am shopping from now on…

  16. Krissy R Says:

    I am so glad im not alone on this subject. I have been desperatly searching for a deodorant that can keep me dry. I have never had to worry about this before becuase I was protected by Secret Platinum but now I kid you not I go to work and with a couple hours Im forced to put on a sweater as my armpits are soaked clean through….this is devastating!! I wrote to P&G with how much money I have spent and how much stress this has caused in my life. No one wants to walk around perspiring everywhere, how can you be confident at meetings and such?? This product worked so well that if you got a little bit in your mouth even your mouth would dry up! Something has to work like this product and the fact that nothing does is almost scary to me because it seems very odd and mysterious. I havent noticed any health problems thus far but am going to be in eternal agony until something works for me…ugghhhhh!

  17. Dorre L. Day Says:

    I got luck and bought 6 of this deoterant on eBay a while back. Now I am down to the last one and cannot find any more! I wish they would bring it back.

  18. Emily Says:

    I just NOW *officially* realized the deodorant is gone…. off the shelves… discontinued. I had been wondering why a few months ago I had trouble finding it, and now I see that it’s official. I am confused… was this posing health risks?! Because I used this deodorant for years, and I am actually having a bunch of health issues! Could these be from the deodorant?

    I am also still upset that the deodorant has been discontinued… and I want to know why. If anyone knows or shares this frustration, please email me.


    • maria Says:

      I cannot believe it’s gone. I have also tried the rest and none work.
      I have a theory….maybe the fashion industry sued P&G for ruining
      department store clothing with those hard to remove white marks that
      can happen when people try on clothes.
      Whatever the reason I hope they bring it back.

  19. Michael Says:

    Yes, I know I’m a man and Secret is “made for a woman,” but this is (was) the best anti-persperant on the market for anybody. Right now (11-22-10) I am finally on my last stick of Secret Platinum! A little bit goes a very long way, even with my hairy pits. (I purchased several units 3 years ago when on sale for 1/2 price.) Now I was wondering why I can’t find it anywhere! Since my recommendation, I have two friends, (one male) who use(d) this product. I think P&G wants us to pay $7. for the clinical stuff, those greedy SOBs! All right, I don’t know… I may have to result in Botox injections now, which work quite well I might add but if anybody finds a comparable product, please let us all know! –michael

  20. Jay Says:

    While I have never used Secret, I recently wrote to P&G about the disappearance of their soft solid Old Spice products. The response I got was word for word the one you received.

    I did some more poking around and it seems all soft solid antiperspirants have disappeared from the market. P&G sold off Sure to another company and they discontinued their soft solid. Suave had one, but it’s gone. Another brand whose name slips my mind at the moment has also dropped their soft solid.

    The disappearance of all these products seems odd. I’m wondering if there was one company actually making them all or if there turned out to be some kind of health issue that hasn’t been made public.

  21. Kathleen Says:

    No everybody, here’s what happened. It is a racket to milk more money out of the consumer… The new “Secret Clinical Strength” is theee EXACTTTT same thing as platinum soft solid botanical silk was… EXACT same thing. Go to walmart and buy it… It is 11 dollars a freaking bottle. & It is the exact same thing as the soft solid… I even googled what the ingredients were to the old soft solid and they are the EXACT same ingredients. I am absolutely LIVID that I now have to pay 11 dollars for the exact same thing that 6 months ago cost me around 4 dollars… This is an example of how corporate America does everything in their power to screw the little guy.

  22. Karee Says:

    I am still finding Platinum on the shelves here in Jamaica but I stumbled upon this post because I asked my sister in USA to send me a box and she could find it nowhere. I really hope the Flawless Renewal will serve some good in my life as I, like you, am very particular about my deodorant.
    I am shocked to hear about the health issues though, hopefully that was really not a factor. Will keep researching and come right back to you.
    Happy travels.

  23. Rahma Says:

    Hi Holly, I’m Rahma from Indonesia. I was surprised knowing that this product has been discontinued because Secret Platinum Protection is sold in Indonesia just recently! I’ve been using this product since November 2010, and it is a great one! Reading your post, one thing came across my mind: could they be selling those returned/discontinued products here in Indonesia??? ‘Cause there are stickers covering some of the writings in the label. There’s one sticker with manufacturing date on it. And there’s another one with the words “Keeps you dry” covering the words “pH Balanced” on the original label. Hmm…sounds fishy to me… what do you think? Thanks

  24. bmgj Says:

    is their a deoderant product with no health hazards?

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