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Busy Weekend April 5, 2009

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We had a busy weekend around here. Our friends, Sandy & Dan, left on Saturday to head back to the States. The four of us tried for one last attempt at a beach day on Saturday morning but the sun just refused to show itself. After hanging at a local pub for a bit, it was time to head back home and off they went to the airport.

It was then time for the hubs and I to hit the town to celebrate our friend’s 30th birthday. We danced the night away until our feet were about to fall off.

Sunday, after an extra hour of sleep, thanks to Daylight Savings, we had a lovely brekkie by the harbour at Ripples. I had my first try of black pudding… delish!


After breakfast, we headed to ANZ Stadium at Olympic Park to take in a rugby game. We were game to see some sport and originally, we wanted to see an AFL game (Aussie Rules Football) as the Sydney Swans were playing locally. However, the Swans played on Saturday night and so it wasn’t meant to be. Instead, the only game going was Rugby League’s the Bulldogs v. the Sharks. It was better than nothing and so we enjoyed it.
holly-in-oz-0222 holly-in-oz-0231 holly-in-oz-021

To finish off the weekend, the Hubs and I headed to Kirribilli for some of our favourite Thai food. The best Thai food in Sydney, in my opinion, is Spice Market on Broughton Street. It’s just this little hole in the wall with literally three bench tables inside a room the size of a small child’s bedroom. They serve up the most delicious red curry and banana flower salad you have ever tried. They’re even better than any curries or salads we had in Thailand or the rest of SEA when we traveled, for that matter. I highly recommend this little spot!

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