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Aussie Road Signs April 2, 2009

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I love seeing signs like this when driving in the country:

Wombats ahead:


Kangaroos ahead:

And of course Koalas ahead:

I have yet to see a wombat or a koala in the wild but I have seen heaps of kangaroos hopping around in the wild.


2 Responses to “Aussie Road Signs”

  1. Allison Says:

    I love it! Such unique animals that we normally associate with zoos in most of the world. It is so incredible that they are actually wild animals in Australia. What an amazing environment, so different!

  2. In the center, you get camel signs a fair bit, too, and I’ve seen signs for black swans and penguins. And then there are the places one sees several signs all clumped together — wombat, koala, and ‘roo signs lined up in a row. Good places to see wombats in the wild is Wilson’s Promontory, and for koalas, Kangaroo Island or Philip Island are good options. But even seeing them at a reserve or animal park is good fun. And as you note, kangaroos, as well as emus, are common in the wild.

    Your photos bring back some fond memories. Thanks.

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