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Driving on the Other Side March 24, 2009

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When Paul and I went to the Hunter Valley this past weekend, we had to hire a car and drive ourselves there. We hadn’t driven on the opposite side of the road in over a year so at first it was a little daunting especially trying to get out of the city during peak traffic on a Friday.

Fear not, thanks to the Hub’s superb driving skills, we arrived safely without any snags. I was the designated navigator and speed camera spotter. In NSW, they have speed cameras all along the roads in which if you are going above the posted speed limit, you are automatically ticketed. I hate speed cameras and personally think they cause everyone to slam on their brakes as they approach the cameras whether or not they were speeding or not. Most of the time, everyone goes with the speed of traffic but at times, that can be faster than the posted speed signs. Don’t get me wrong, we’re not crazy drivers who speed all the time. We keep up with traffic and like I said, some times it’s a little faster than the posted limited. So, Paul drove and I had my eyes peeled for cameras. Time will tell if my speed camera spotting paid off or not.

After I let the Hubs break in the driving a bit, it was my turn to give it a go. I drove back from the Hunter Valley to the city. I did well even driving over the bridge but of course, I went through a toll booth that had no toll taker so I had to then ring the RTA and pay my toll fee over the phone. They have a service where you can do this within 48 hours without getting a fine. So, it’s paid, the car was returned to the rental agency and all went well for our first overseas driving adventure in almost a year.


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