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A Boston girl goes Hollywood then chucks it away for a life in OZ… these are my adventures and general musings.

Fine As Wine March 22, 2009

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The Hubs and I are back in Sydney after spending a lovely weekend in the Hunter Valley. We sipped on gorgeous wine and noshed on delicious Aussie seafood platters. The weather continues to be warm and sunny with a gentle breeze. Overall, it was a fine weekend, in deed.

We visited some of our favorite wineries, including, Gartlemann,

Piggs Peake

and Ivanhoe.

They are each wonderful and deserve a separate post of their own, which I will eventually get to.

I haven’t been posting many pictures just yet because I decided to leave my laptop at home in the US. Instead, I am using internet cafes when needed, therefore, it makes it a little difficult to get the pictures up and running. I promise, there will be some pics soon.


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