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Update and News March 18, 2009

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I’m feeling slightly better today but still not completely well. I mostly crashed all day yesterday and this morning has been rather blah. I’m hoping I start to feel better soon as the Hubs and I have tickets to the Opera House tonight to see Mozart’s Magic Flute.

Since I had plenty of time to kill yesterday while I rested up, I of course turned on the tele and got caught up on all the world and Australian news I’ve missed. In case you’re curious what’s newsworthy down under, here’s what’s making the headlines:

A Healthy Sugar?
Australian scientists have created the world’s first Low GI Sugar. The healthier alternative to white sugar hit the Australian market on Monday.

Girl Taken By Croc
A 12-year-old girl swimming with friends in a Dariwn lagoon has been taken by a croc.

Shake, Rattle and Roll
The state of Victoria was rattled yesterday when a 4.6 magnitude earthquake struck. It’s the second earth tremor this month.

Australian Made… No More?
Despite Australia’s constant campaign to buy Australian and keep jobs in Australia, the iconic Aussie Digger’s slouch hat could be made overseas.

Cash for Crims
The Australian Government is giving out their own stimulus payments of $900, however, Crims (criminals) may also be eligible to receive a cheque, too.

And that is what is happening in OZ.


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