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What a Pain! March 17, 2009

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I haven’t even been in Sydney that long and I’ve already “taken ill,” as the Aussies say. I woke up in the middle of the night last night feeling awful and experiencing lots of pain in my stomach. So, off to the doctor I went first thing this morning. Don’t worry though, I’m not dying. No, instead it appears to be some horrible bacteria infection… ack!

I always find going to the doctor here to be an interesting experience. Using the medical system here is nothing like going to the doctor in the US. There is no nurse to take your weight, blood pressure or ask questions about your medical history.  There is no need to get dressed in to a smock and take your seat upon the exam table. In fact, there isn’t even an exam table- just a desk and a chair for the patient. In some ways, it’s fine because you get in and you get out fast. But sometimes, I wonder what if something was really wrong… what then? There are no blood tests, no lab work or x-rays… how can the doctor be so sure he/she has computer diagnosed correctly?

Anyway, like I was saying how it works here is you just rock up to the doctor’s office and wait your turn to be called. The doctor calls you in and you take your seat next to his desk and you tell him your issues/symptoms. He then types them in to a computer that generates a list of possible illnesses one could have. (I liken this process to what many Americans do and self diagnosis one’s self using Web MD.) I wait for the computer to tell me what’s wrong and wait for the prescription to be printed from the computer and I’m on merry little way.

I have to admit, I often find myself wondering if this guy who’s typing up my symptoms is even a doctor. Of course he must be, but seriously… it’s just a bit bizarre to be diagnosed by Web MD, Aussie style. He doesn’t even have to use his medical knowledge to come up with a diagnosis on his own!

Well, hopefully the doctor has diagnosed me correctly and the antibiotics will cure whatever ails me. I definitely do not want to spend my time here being sick! Ok, time to go rest for a bit.


4 Responses to “What a Pain!”

  1. Monique Says:

    Oh no – I hope it wasn’t the Manly sandwich that made you ill!!
    hope you feel better soon:)

  2. aislingc Says:

    That sounds very odd. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. kat31706 Says:

    I hope that you feel better soon!

  4. I’m in Sydney, and my doctor does that too. When I asked her if the computer is diagnosing me, she said no, she is just entering it into my record?
    Are you sure the computer actually does the diagnosis?

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