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And The Worst Wife of the Week Award Goes To… March 10, 2009

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Me, for destroying my husband’s iPod in the washing machine! *Cue applause*

Seriously, how was I suppose to know his iPod was still in his gym shorts?! Lesson learned… check pockets before starting the wash!

I do have a confession to make. No, I didn’t wash the iPod on purpose! No, no, no. Don’t get me wrong I feel terrible for ruining the Hubs’ iPod and he took the bad news rather well. Of course I got the obligatory question from him, “Didn’t you check the pockets before doing the wash?” Um, no, obviously. Generally I do give a quick pass when picking up the clothes but seriously, I feel like it’s not “my job” and it’s painstakingly time consuming to check the pockets of every piece of his clothing. Maybe this makes me a bad wife, no? I mean, how could an unemployed wife really complain about taking time to check the pockets when all I have is time on my hands. Am I being ungrateful? Should I just deal with it? Well, the answer is probably yes but I can’t. Is it really that difficult to empty one’s pockets when undressing? I find this way to be much more practical than checking every pocket before starting the wash. I generally take the approach that if you don’t want anything washed that shouldn’t be then take the time to check yourself. Even more so, the wash I did was only gym clothes. Usually when we return from the gym we throw all of our personal effects on to the counter top so there is nothing in any of the pockets. I just assumed this to be true for this wash load.

So, I’ve learned an expensive lesson and maybe, just maybe the Hubs has learned one too- as in check your pockets before tossing your clothes in to the hamper!

I should also add the disclaimer that laundry is not my “wifely” duty. We’re a good team and pretty even on splitting up the chores. However, more times than not, I end up doing the laundry because I obviously have more free time than he does.

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2 Responses to “And The Worst Wife of the Week Award Goes To…”

  1. vsphayes01 Says:

    I fell so much better…………I am not the only one, I felt terrible too but you know it is also their job to empty their pockets.

  2. emily Says:

    This sounds like such a familiar scenario… I heard it last week for washing as shirt that was buttoned. Obviously not something I’d check for either!

    Hang in their Holly – I guess we weren’t cut out for the 1950’s & that’s OK!

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