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Three Cheers for Puppy! February 28, 2009

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We went back to the vet today and much to our excitement Puppy’s tail is healing very well. No amputation is necessary, woo hoo! I seriously think I started to cry when I heard those words and of course Puppy understands English and went crazy with joy when she heard the news, too.

Puppy had her stitches removed, tail cleaned up and was given a clean bill of health. There is no infection, the skin is healing, hair is regrowing and her Elizabeth collar is removed. The vet said she is the luckiest dog because most tail injuries result in amputation. He also said that Puppy is one of their favorites and they just love her… that was so nice to hear!

Ah, what a relief… she’s going to be okay! Hip, Hip, Hooray!


5 Responses to “Three Cheers for Puppy!”

  1. Abby Says:

    What great news!

  2. aislingc Says:

    That is great news. 🙂

  3. kat31706 Says:

    That’s great news!

  4. Monique Says:

    Oh that is GREAT news – thank goodness for puppy – hope she feels 100% again soon!

  5. Holly Says:

    Thanks, everyone!

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