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Three Cheers for Puppy! February 28, 2009

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We went back to the vet today and much to our excitement Puppy’s tail is healing very well. No amputation is necessary, woo hoo! I seriously think I started to cry when I heard those words and of course Puppy understands English and went crazy with joy when she heard the news, too.

Puppy had her stitches removed, tail cleaned up and was given a clean bill of health. There is no infection, the skin is healing, hair is regrowing and her Elizabeth collar is removed. The vet said she is the luckiest dog because most tail injuries result in amputation. He also said that Puppy is one of their favorites and they just love her… that was so nice to hear!

Ah, what a relief… she’s going to be okay! Hip, Hip, Hooray!


A Date With Anthony Bourdain February 26, 2009

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Well, not exactly.

What I should say is that the Hubs and I have a belated Valentine’s date night tonight. To celebrate, we are off to enjoy a nice dinner and attend a lecture by one of our favorite chefs/intrepid world travelers, Anthony Bourdain. It is part of Bourdain’s A Cook’s Tour: Global Adventures in Extreme Cuisines.

For those not familiar with the cooking world’s globetrotting “bad-ass”, Bourdain is a chef, author of several books and host of the Travel Channel’s Anthony Bourdain: No Reservations. The hubs and I enjoy watching his TV series and appreciate Bourdain’s respect, enjoyment and enthusiasm for emersing himself in the culture, food and customs of a people wherever he travels.

Some of my favorite episodes include him eating fermented shark in Iceland, a still-beating cobra heart in Vietnam and raw seal in Quebec.

This below write up from FOX, as seen on Bourdain’s website, is an example of why I like Bourdain:

NEW YORK — Anthony Bourdain suffered quietly as he dined on wart hog – encrusted with sand, fur and fecal bacteria – in the African country of Namibia.

Bourdain, host of the Travel Channel’s “No Reservations,” finished the meal knowing he would become terribly ill. But who was he to complain as a VIP guest of the same arid landscape where Angelina Jolie delivered Brad Pitt’s baby?

Spitting out nasty bits of wart hog would be rude to the locals he was dining with.

“The chief is there in front of his whole tribe offering you his very best,” Bourdain said. “Show respect. I’m lucky to be there. I’m lucky to see that. I’m lucky to have that experience. Chewing some antibiotics is a small price to pay.”

Photo from here.


And the Oscar Goes To… February 23, 2009

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Dustin Lance Black for the best Oscar acceptance speech.

Dustin Lance Black won best original screenplay for Milk.


Southern Hemisphere, I’m Thinking of You! February 20, 2009

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In just a few short weeks, the hubs and I will be back down under!

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

We’re heading to Sydney for a while and then off to trek around New Zealand.

Good times await!


Happy Birthday to…

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I hope you have a great day celebrating and I can’t wait to see you soon, friend 😉

P.S. Please don’t kill me for this photo… it always makes me laugh and it involves your LOVE for chocolate, ha!


Five Years of Valentine’s Love February 14, 2009

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Five years ago today, my Valentine flew to New York and surprised me at the end of a business trip with a fancy New York City dinner, tickets to a Broadway show and a stroll through Central Park.

After stopping to pause for a bit on a bridge as we watched the ice skaters and chatted about us, he got down on bended knee and asked me a question that would change our lives forever. Saying yes was one of the best things I’ve ever done.

Happy Valentine’s Day. xo


Health Check February 11, 2009

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It’s been around one month since I started on the path to a healthier me and I am happy to say I am definitely feeling better about myself. I have been faithfully going to the gym at least six days a week, working out for around 45 minutes each time. I usually stick with the elliptical machine but some times I change it up and actually run on the treadmill or hit the stair master. There are often times when I feel like I am going to die on the elliptical but once I get pass the wall, I keep going and before you know it, I’ve made the 45 minutes. I have been hitting the weights but really, I’ve only been doing that once a week as I feel cardio is what is most important for me right now.

Not only has the gym routine been going fairly well, but the eating plan is also getting better. I haven’t had any desserts or ice cream (except on Mom’s birthday). I hardly snack and don’t buy any crappy, unhealthy foods. I’ve cut out most alcohol but I have had a few margaritas and wines here and there. We’ve been cooking healthier options for dinner and lunches are often something along the lines of Subway’s six inch Fresh Fit Choices. My water intake has increased and is going well, too.

As a result of my efforts, I’m happy to report I’m down 8 pounds. I realize this is a good start and I’m losing the weight in a reasonable and healthy manner. I feel like I am not depriving myself of anything and therefore, I’m able to stick to a regiment that is isn’t torturous to keep up with. Sure, if I was completely neurotic about everything I consumed, I could probably lose more weight and faster but I know that won’t work for me in the long run. Slow and steady is the game plan for me.

I do have to admit, though, a part of me wanted to have more of a loss. You know, you hear all those Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig commercials of people saying they lost 8 pounds in one week! Yeah, I’d love that but I’m not doing that type of diet not to mention that my body needs some time to kick in with the healthier lifestyle change. I don’t even consider myself on a diet, really. It’s just about being healthier. I guess I wanted more weight loss in the first month because I feel like you can’t really tell I’ve lost the 8 pounds. Fear not, my Mom says she can tell so you know she’s got to be right, ha?! I know it will come with time and more hard work, I just have to patient and keep at it.

For the next month, I’m going to kick it up a notch. I’m planning on adding another day of weights, to do 60 minutes of cardio instead of the 45 and work on eating smaller portions and more fruits and vegs. I’ll check back in again in one month’s time.