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Rudeness Rules the Day January 30, 2009

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Today was a day for rudeness but don’t worry, I wasn’t the offender.

The first act started this morning at the gym and was actually a culmination of rudeness. It started off when some obnoxious, late middle-aged woman decided to use the elliptical machine next to me. After a minute on it and pressing every button possible, she apparently breaks the machine. She gets all huffy and obviously starts stalking my machine and look at my stats- I’m sure to see how much time I have left. Lucky for me I had just started a few minutes in to my work out. I thought she was being rude, invading my space and all, but whatever, I let it go and she stormed off in a huff. My next brush with Ms. Rudeness came when my Dad, who was also at the gym using weights, needed help for literally 10 seconds with the weight pin. I put my machine on pause and ran over to insert the weight pin. On my way back to the machine she purposely cuts me off in the doorway and gives me the death glare like, how dare you take up more time on the machine. Hello, it was 10 seconds! So then she was really starting to piss me off. The elliptical machine on the other side of me opens up around 15 minutes in to my work out. Instead of hopping on it right away, she lets it sit empty while she fusses around… fine, whatever. Finally, almost at the end of my work out, she walks over to me, sticks her face right in my machine’s stats display and yells out to the entire gym, “Wow, you’ve gone 31 minutes on that machine! You’ve burned 500 calories and how many miles have you gone?! You’ve been at it for a long time.” Seriously lady, WTF- it’s none of your business. What a royal biatch. It’s times like those I wish I was quick with the comebacks. Instead, I just bit my tongue and finished up my circuit as she finally climbed on the empty, operable machine next to me. SO RUDE! Yes, I went one minute over the “suggested” amount of time for the cardio equipment but there was an empty machine next to me and she broke the other machine on the other side of me. Seriously, the rudest gym encounter ever… what a biatch.

My next run-in with rudeness came during my calligraphy class. It was a private class in which a very small group sat around a table with the instructor and learned our pen moves. Well, about 45 minutes in to the two hour class, a woman’s phone rings. The instructor makes the comment, “technology interferes once again.” Instead of getting the hint that the instructor was annoyed she let her phone ring on and then she ANSWERED the phone call and proceeds to chit chat with her girlfriend for seven minutes. The instructor and I just looked at each other like, WTF?! Are you serious, lady? Finally she decides she should hang up and then goes on doing her calligraphy practice as if nothing happened. I just don’t get it… seriously rude!

Anyway, that’s my gripe for today. Hopefully I won’t encounter anymore rudeness for the week! Why can’t people just be a little nicer and more considerate?


3 Responses to “Rudeness Rules the Day”

  1. Lori Says:

    Ugh! I would have been beyond annoyed. I don’t think I would have been able to just bite my tongue. Good for you!

  2. kat31706 Says:

    How rude of both people. I would have been so annoyed too!

  3. Allison Says:

    Seriously, rude people can really ruin your day. There is just no need for rudeness.
    I completely understand your feelings about the lady, I always think of a good comeback a few hours later. So frustrating!
    Hopefully, the two incidents didn’t take too much enjoyment out of your day.

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