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Hummingbird Magic January 26, 2009

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Did you know hummingbirds are the world’s smallest birds? Well, they are and living in the desert I’ve been privileged to enjoy one of Mother Nature’s fascinating creatures. All around our yard, hummingbirds float with delicate grace as they hum to and fro searching for their nectar. Everyday, I love watching these little guys magically hover through the air. They make me smile and force me to pause for a moment to admire their beauty and charm.

From my observations, there are no questions that hummingbirds are fearless birds. They’re quite “friendly” and often flutter right in front of me as I work around the yard. They’re very inquisitive and we’ve even had a few wander in to our house. Not long ago, we had one fly in to the window and it was knocked unconscious. Puppy of course picked it up and brought it to us. We rubbed the bird’s belly and it magically sprung back to life.

Well, this year, one of the mama birds has decided to nest right by our door. I first noticed a tiny cup-like contraption nestled between some tree branches by our casita door. At first I thought it was a wasp nest or something but after peeking in, I found these:


Two little, white jelly bean-like eggs. They are seriously the size of a pea- so little! Within moments of my peeking, mama came floating along to protect her babies. I was in disbelief in what I was seeing. I know many people have seen hummingbirds but how many have seen hummingbird eggs- that’s got to be a rare sighting, right? Well, that’s what I think anyway.

Since stumbling upon my wonderful find, I’ve read up on hummingbird hatchlings and apparently hummingbirds lay eggs in pairs and the mamas do all the work- making the nest, incubation and feeding. Incubation takes around 19 days however, incubation does not begin until the second egg is laid which could be days after the first egg is laid. The mamas do this in order to ensure that both chicks hatch (called synchronous hatching) and grow together, simplifying the workload for the mother. Smart birds! The chicks are born naked and blind and as they grow, their iridescent feathers gradually grow in. After three weeks from their birth, the babies will be ready to leave the nest.

I’ll take some pictures once the babies are born. Until then, here are some pics of mama hummingbird nesting.
hummingbirds-005 hummingbirds-011


One Response to “Hummingbird Magic”

  1. munichbavaria Says:

    How sweet! That nest sure looks tiny.

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