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Christmas Recap January 4, 2009

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I hope, by now, everyone has recovered from the holiday season. We had a busy and all too quick Christmas here. Sister arrived Christmas Eve and we celebrated all together that night as Paul and I had to leave late Christmas morning to fly to his parent’s house. It seemed like such a whirlwind holiday trying to fit everything in. Despite the rapid passing, I’m happy to report Santa found time to make a stop at our house and was very kind to everyone here. Best of all, the family was together again and that above all is the greatest gift we could have received.

Thanks to some lovely presents, I am now officially going to be a domestic goddess. In a previous post, I mentioned a few things I wanted on my Christmas wish list during a conversation with Sister. Well, my wishes were granted and I received a lovely sewing machine, several patterns, beautiful fabric and all the accessories to go with taking up my new craft. Of course, I have to learn how to operate the machine but fear not, I received a gift card to enroll in sewing classes so I’m sure I’ll learn quickly. I’ll also have enough left over from the gift card to take up quilting, knitting and calligraphy classes.

I also received some beautiful pearls, clothing, work out clothes, (to help kick my arse in to high gear), a handy red purse, a gift card to my favorite hair salon as well as one for an outdoor adventure and one for one of my favorite restaurants, a book, and some very lovely cookbooks which you can see here and here that we’ve already put to good use. Everyone was seriously too kind this Christmas but everything is very much appreciated and loved.

Paul and I also received a handy GPS for our car and all I can say is that thing is amazing! We’ve fondly named him Jeeves and he sports a British accent. We were going to go with an Aussie accent, however, they were a little too hokey and annoying. We’ve already used Jeeves heaps of times and we’ve found secret short cuts and hidden roads we never even knew existed thanks to him. It’s very convenient.

And now for some photos from the festivities that began Christmas Eve and carried over to early Christmas Day:
december-2008-086 december-2008-171 december-2008-091 december-2008-101 december-2008-077 december-2008-184 december-2008-191 december-2008-139 december-2008-042 december-2008-090 december-2008-172 december-2008-062 december-2008-206 december-2008-135


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