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Poor Puppy Update January 31, 2009

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Puppy is home from the Vet hospital and thankfully her tail is intact… for now. She looks so pathetic and it just breaks my little heart. They’ve stitched up the tail all around and bandaged it tightly. Unfortunately, Puppy has to wear an Elizabeth collar to prevent her from gnawing at her tail. She can actually still reach her tail with the contraption around her head so every now and then we have to scold her which makes me feel like a terrible Mom, but really, it’s for her own good. Tail injuries in dogs are very difficult to heal and manage. The tail is a continuation of the spine so if the tail can’t heal, partial amputation will ultimately have to result in order to prevent infection and other damage. We’re desperately trying to avoid that for obvious reasons. It has been a challenge trying to keep Puppy from wagging her tail. She has one of those strong, long whipping tails that hits anything and everything in her way. The more she whacks her tail, the higher the chance for her hurting the tail and causing it to bleed. Puppy has been whimpering in pain off and on and especially at night, so, of course I try to comfort her and give her lots of belly rubs. We have to give Puppy antibiotics twice a day to help fight infection and she goes back to the Vet on Monday for a check-up. We’re hoping the vet has positive news for us. We do know that Puppy will have to keep the collar and wrapped tail for at least four to five weeks, at a minimum, so we’re in this for the long haul.

On top of Puppy hurting her tail, she already has two chronic ear infections and a torn ACL equivalent in her back leg. She’s not allowed any walks or trips to the puppy park. The poor girl looks miserable and bored but we have to be especially careful with her in order for the tail to heal. Laying low for a while should also help Puppy with trying to heal the ACL injury in order to avoid surgery for that as well. As you can see, Puppy is an unfortunate disaster but hopefully we’ll have her on the mend and back to her old self soon. Thanks to everyone for the well wishes. Puppy thanks you, too!


Rudeness Rules the Day January 30, 2009

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Today was a day for rudeness but don’t worry, I wasn’t the offender.

The first act started this morning at the gym and was actually a culmination of rudeness. It started off when some obnoxious, late middle-aged woman decided to use the elliptical machine next to me. After a minute on it and pressing every button possible, she apparently breaks the machine. She gets all huffy and obviously starts stalking my machine and look at my stats- I’m sure to see how much time I have left. Lucky for me I had just started a few minutes in to my work out. I thought she was being rude, invading my space and all, but whatever, I let it go and she stormed off in a huff. My next brush with Ms. Rudeness came when my Dad, who was also at the gym using weights, needed help for literally 10 seconds with the weight pin. I put my machine on pause and ran over to insert the weight pin. On my way back to the machine she purposely cuts me off in the doorway and gives me the death glare like, how dare you take up more time on the machine. Hello, it was 10 seconds! So then she was really starting to piss me off. The elliptical machine on the other side of me opens up around 15 minutes in to my work out. Instead of hopping on it right away, she lets it sit empty while she fusses around… fine, whatever. Finally, almost at the end of my work out, she walks over to me, sticks her face right in my machine’s stats display and yells out to the entire gym, “Wow, you’ve gone 31 minutes on that machine! You’ve burned 500 calories and how many miles have you gone?! You’ve been at it for a long time.” Seriously lady, WTF- it’s none of your business. What a royal biatch. It’s times like those I wish I was quick with the comebacks. Instead, I just bit my tongue and finished up my circuit as she finally climbed on the empty, operable machine next to me. SO RUDE! Yes, I went one minute over the “suggested” amount of time for the cardio equipment but there was an empty machine next to me and she broke the other machine on the other side of me. Seriously, the rudest gym encounter ever… what a biatch.

My next run-in with rudeness came during my calligraphy class. It was a private class in which a very small group sat around a table with the instructor and learned our pen moves. Well, about 45 minutes in to the two hour class, a woman’s phone rings. The instructor makes the comment, “technology interferes once again.” Instead of getting the hint that the instructor was annoyed she let her phone ring on and then she ANSWERED the phone call and proceeds to chit chat with her girlfriend for seven minutes. The instructor and I just looked at each other like, WTF?! Are you serious, lady? Finally she decides she should hang up and then goes on doing her calligraphy practice as if nothing happened. I just don’t get it… seriously rude!

Anyway, that’s my gripe for today. Hopefully I won’t encounter anymore rudeness for the week! Why can’t people just be a little nicer and more considerate?


Poor Puppy January 28, 2009

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Puppy Smiling
Puppy had an unfortunate accident today which resulted in the door slamming shut on the end of her tail and getting it caught in the door jam with a shut door. Horrible, right?

It happened while we were coming in to the house with our arms full of groceries and puppy came running over to greet us like she always does. Unfortunately, she didn’t clear the door in time and my hands were full and couldn’t catch the door. The door slammed shut and Puppy yelped so loud. She  then pulled out her tail, ripping off the skin and hair and blood went everywhere. I’m sure the tail is broken as it looks crocked as well. It was very upsetting and I just feel awful.

Puppy in now at the vet hospital overnight. They are going to shave her tail to see what can be done. If nothing works, they’ll have to amputate part of her tail. I really hope this doesn’t happen. I seriously feel so, so bad for her. I can’t even imagine the pain she must be in but she’s been very brave. We go back tomorrow morning to check on her and see what happens. Wish us luck and that Puppy’s tail can stay. I can’t even begin to explain how sad we are all tonight. Our house feels so empty without her smiling face. I wouldn’t be surprised if I burst out in tears tomorrow at the vet.


Hummingbird Magic January 26, 2009

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Did you know hummingbirds are the world’s smallest birds? Well, they are and living in the desert I’ve been privileged to enjoy one of Mother Nature’s fascinating creatures. All around our yard, hummingbirds float with delicate grace as they hum to and fro searching for their nectar. Everyday, I love watching these little guys magically hover through the air. They make me smile and force me to pause for a moment to admire their beauty and charm.

From my observations, there are no questions that hummingbirds are fearless birds. They’re quite “friendly” and often flutter right in front of me as I work around the yard. They’re very inquisitive and we’ve even had a few wander in to our house. Not long ago, we had one fly in to the window and it was knocked unconscious. Puppy of course picked it up and brought it to us. We rubbed the bird’s belly and it magically sprung back to life.

Well, this year, one of the mama birds has decided to nest right by our door. I first noticed a tiny cup-like contraption nestled between some tree branches by our casita door. At first I thought it was a wasp nest or something but after peeking in, I found these:


Two little, white jelly bean-like eggs. They are seriously the size of a pea- so little! Within moments of my peeking, mama came floating along to protect her babies. I was in disbelief in what I was seeing. I know many people have seen hummingbirds but how many have seen hummingbird eggs- that’s got to be a rare sighting, right? Well, that’s what I think anyway.

Since stumbling upon my wonderful find, I’ve read up on hummingbird hatchlings and apparently hummingbirds lay eggs in pairs and the mamas do all the work- making the nest, incubation and feeding. Incubation takes around 19 days however, incubation does not begin until the second egg is laid which could be days after the first egg is laid. The mamas do this in order to ensure that both chicks hatch (called synchronous hatching) and grow together, simplifying the workload for the mother. Smart birds! The chicks are born naked and blind and as they grow, their iridescent feathers gradually grow in. After three weeks from their birth, the babies will be ready to leave the nest.

I’ll take some pictures once the babies are born. Until then, here are some pics of mama hummingbird nesting.
hummingbirds-005 hummingbirds-011


Times Are Changing… For The Better January 21, 2009

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Jan 20th, 2009, a day in which something very profound has changed; a day when the unthinkable happened. Americans, and the world for that matter, watched in fascination as an extraordinary historical moment unfolded when Barack Hussein Obama claimed his place as America’s first African-American president.

Much has been made of Obama’s personal background but still the symbolism cannot be overstated of a once slave-owning nation electing a black man to the nation’s highest office. His very presence on the stage was the embodiment of change and hope. With Obama’s inauguration, the political landscape has undeniably shifted and the world is watching. As I read somewhere, “We see one another and the world sees America with new eyes as a result.” I couldn’t have said it any better myself.

Many discussions have been had about Obama’s inaugural speech. Personally, I thought it was intelligent and sophisticated. And yes, maybe there were no standout one-liners that will resound for generations to come and maybe it wasn’t as striking as his address to the 2004 Democratic National Convention, however, that was the beauty of his speech. It isn’t a time for electrification. It’s time for business, and a more quiet inspiration, and I think he accomplished just that. It gave deference to the moment, acknowledged the difficulties ahead, but inspired the heck out of me. His speech – wide ranging and rousing – captured the primary challenge facing America at this time: To reconnect with itself and the world. Obama seeks to beat back decline and fulfill the promise of America.

In the face of much uncertainty and troubling times, Americans have opted for change. I realize Obama cannot fulfill all that is promised and disappointment is inevitable, after all, Obama is only human. He might not always do right, but I believe he will at least try with all his might. That is the faith I have in our president and in our country.

What is evident is that positive change, as opposed to the change that is just a drift to disaster, will only happen when people who love freedom demand it, work for it, and sacrifice for it. With this inauguration, America has reclaimed itself.

Photo: AP/Ron Edmonds


Obama’s in the House January 20, 2009

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A new day in our country… our 44th President, Barack Hussein Obama and our first family.

Photo: Reuters


Shaping Up January 19, 2009

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It’s a brand new year and that means it’s time for a new me. As I have touched upon in previous posts, I’ve mentioned that I have packed on the comfort kilos. Well, my number one resolution of the new year is to focus on my health. I need to drop the pounds; start exercising, eating smaller, healthier portions and forgo alcohol- mostly my love for nice wines. Unfortunately, I am the heaviest I have ever been in my life and that is truly sad. It’s time to change and the time is now. I could have done something about it the last half of last year and instead I did nothing. So, I’m over it and ready. I’m finally motivated and committed to making this work.

I have been going to the gym six times a week. My choice of cardio is the elliptical machine for 35 to 40 minutes while using the “hill” or “random” setting. Two to three times a week I also tack on some weights- mostly arms and upper body. I am happy to say I have been working my butt off and at this point I’m determined to keep it up. After all, I can’t let all this hard work go down the drain. So far it’s been very hard but that is a good thing- it means I’m doing well and eventually it will get easier. I am slowly getting in to a mind frame in which working out has to be part of my daily routine, like second nature. To make getting in shape a little easier, I have a partner in crime to help keep me motivated. Husband is also in the market for shedding the pounds so we keep each other going strong.

Besides exercising hard, I have been eating really healthy, not snacking and avoiding alcohol and desserts. This year I am determined to eat more fish and vegetables. I’ve never been one for eating fish and in fact, growing up, I hated all scaly finned beings despite spending summers on Cape Cod fishing with Dad on our boat. Over the past several years, I’ve warmed up to fish and now even enjoy sushi. However, I still have some distaste for certain fish, especially salmon. Despite my issues about it, I have already consumed salmon for dinner three times in the new year- that’s about three more times than I had it last year. I’ve also grown fond of brussel sprouts and have been eating them up multiple times a week.

I do have a figure in mind of what I would like to scale to read but I’m not one for really sticking to numbers. If I end up looking like what I did at my wedding, I would be happy. What is important to me is that I feel healthy and feel good about myself. From time to time, I’ll post some updates about the healthier me in the making. Until then wish me luck and feel free to help keep me motivated.