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Thanksgiving Hoopla December 1, 2008

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I hope everyone enjoyed their Thanksgiving weekend.

We had the most delicious Thanksgiving dinner and the preparations and cooking for the feast went very well. There were no broken dishes, burnt food or cursing to be heard- a success! My most favorite things from the meal were the turkey, sausage & chestnut stuffing, the gravy and Mom’s cranberry jelly sauce- yum, yum, yum.

Now we are on to the Christmas preparations. The tree is up and decorated. The outdoor lights are strung. We drank heaps of warm apple cider and even braved black Friday to do a little shopping- there were NO lines. Sister left Sunday night and miraculously made her flight. It was a successful, long weekend and now the countdown to Christmas is on.


One Response to “Thanksgiving Hoopla”

  1. aislingc Says:

    this is why I wish we had Thanksgiving in Ireland! It sounds amazing.

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