It Feels Like Home

A Boston girl goes Hollywood then chucks it away for a life in OZ… these are my adventures and general musings.

Pats in SD November 14, 2008

A few weeks back, Paul and I drove south for the big rematch of the San Diego Chargers v. New England Patriots. It was my first Pats game, ever. I know, I lived so close to Foxborough Stadium and never went. And yes, I still refer to it as Foxborough Stadium just as I refer to other Boston venues as Great Woods, Boston Garden and so forth. Old habits die hard, eh?

Thanks to ebay, I won 40 yard line, 9th row seats on the Chargers side. We were so freakin’ close to the field it was unreal… surrounded by Charger fans nonetheless, but so close. The seats were great, unfortunately, the game was not. The Pats were rubbish and never had a chance. The final score was 30-10 and I chalked up the $25 in parking, $200 tickets, $50 in gas and $50 in food & bev to having a good time even if it was money down the drain. The boys let me down, but I guess I should have known better… no Brady and the Pats haven’t won in San Diego since 1996. At least we were able to quickly catch up with a fellow Boston supporter and friend, Casey, before cutting our losses and bailing out of the game early. I guess I’ll just have to head back to Boston and give the boys a go in their own stadium. My redemption shall come… one day.

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