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Apple Picking… So Cal Style November 10, 2008

I’m a little behind in my blogging but nonetheless, I press on.

If you recall from a previous post, I mentioned that I wanted to go apple picking. Being from Boston, I spent many fall seasons traveling with the family to apple picking country. Thinking back to those days conjures up so many idealic New England scenes- The gentle rolling hills lined with autumnal colored trees; the smell of a wood fire burning in the distance; the sprawling apple farms with hearty orchards; the road side apple stands to stop off and get a warm cup of cider and a apple crumble. Those were the good old days.

Well, instead of trusting my better judgement I decided to give So Cal apple picking a go. I knew going in to it, it wasn’t going to be anything like it is New England. Still, I thought apple picking would be fun… different, but fun. The weather had cooled off and in the mountains to around low 60’s. (aka freezing for So Cal!). Not exactly scarf and hat weather, but probably the coldest it’s going to get during apple season. So, Paul and I hopped in our car, drove the hour plus to apple country. Instead of the peaceful scenery one would expect in apple country, we drove in to the biggest tourist trap you’ve ever seen. It was pure chaos. The streets were literally parking lots. There were cars everywhere, mass amounts of people everywhere, screaming kids, lost kids, people fighting over parking spot, the longest lines everywhere you looked, etc. It was insane and not the de-stressing environment one would expect in the country. And the kicker, I was really looking forward to purchasing fresh apple cider to take home but the makeshift barns were selling that liquid yumminess at a whopping $15 a gallon. Seriously… $15/gallon?

After maneuvering through the country parking lot roads, we finally arrived at Riley’s Apple Farm. They charge a lovely $2 per pound of apples to pick your own. From my point of view, pickings were a bit slim with the masses everywhere trying to grab every good apple in sight. Luckily, I had a secret weapon, my 6’3″ husband who could reach those high up premium apples. We managed to push our way through the trees and scrounged up enough for five pounds worth of Red Delicious and Pippin apples. We paid for our apples, had a glass of cider because I refused to pay $15 for a gallon and then high-tailed it out of there.

Let’s just say So Cal apple picking ain’t got nothing on New England apple picking. Don’t get me wrong, it was still slightly fun despite the chaos. In the end, I had some quality time with the hubs, enjoyed some yummy cider and finished up the day with baking a delicious apple pie. Umm, umm… good.


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