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Movember November 2, 2008

During our time in Australia, the month of November was known as Movember. When we first experience Movember, it was in 2005, and we had never heard of such a thing. After three more years of Movember, I totally dug it. Movember is a charity event held during the month of November in which guys grow moustaches, mo’s for short, (b/c Aussies like to shorten and nickname things) to raise money for men’s health issues such as depression and prostrate cancer. As the mo grows, the ‘Bro’ as the men are called, are eagerly campaigning for friends and family to donate to their efforts. At the end of the month, there is a big gala to celebrate everyone’s efforts and prizes are awarded for mo’s and costumes. It’s all done in fun and every year, Movember raises millions of dollars around the world for men’s health. Plus, some of the moustaches are quite unbelievable. Check out some of these:


I don’t think Movember is quite as big in the US as it is in Australia or other parts of the world, but I see it’s growing. Playboy, Philips and Canadian Club (Whiskey) have become sponsors of Movember U.S.A. I hope it continues to grow stateside as it was always fun to see office mates sporting their mo’s and the crazy get-ups worn at the galas. Go Movember!

For more information, check out Movember HERE. To check out more molicious mo’s click HERE.


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  1. anneawesome Says:

    That sounds like fun. 🙂

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