It Feels Like Home

A Boston girl goes Hollywood then chucks it away for a life in OZ… these are my adventures and general musings.

Autumn, Fall… What in the World? October 1, 2008

October is here and apparently it’s Fall. At least that’s what I heard on the news but living in the desert it’s far from feeling autumnal with temperatures over 100 degrees and palm trees all around. With Fall supposedly in effect, I thought about going apple picking this past weekend because I wanted to wear a scarf and drink apple cider. Growing up in Boston, I loved apple picking and pumpkin picking season. There was something fun about whipping out your old scarf, loading up the family car, and heading to a little country farm to press your own cider and scour the fields for the perfect carving pumpkin. Having spent the last three years in Sydney, I’ve been deprived of any sort of apple and pumpkin season all together. First off, the seasons are reversed and so going apple picking in March didn’t quite do it for me. Second, they don’t actually have pumpkin like American pumpkins. If you ask for pumpkin, you’ll get a squash.

So, now that we are back in the US, I had the brilliant idea to relive my New England days and get back to my American roots. The nearest apple picking country is about an hour away from us, in the mountains. I looked up the weather report and saw it was still going to be 95 degrees. What?! 95 degrees in the mountains? How do the apples even grow in that heat? Coming from Boston, I long for the apple picking days when it was sunny with a crisp, fall breeze lightly blowing… just enough to rustle the leaves from the trees with the smell of a log fire burning in the distance. Is that too much to ask for? Well, it’s not going to happen here. In fact, the pool is still calling my name at a warm 85 degrees heated solely by the sun. So October might be here but it’s not Fall in my book.

However, October is shaping up to be a busy month for us. Paul has gotten word that he’ll probably head to New York City for a business trip which means, I’m going to tag along. We’ll probably tack on a few extra weekends at each end of the week and head to Boston to check out some real estate or at least the area. At the end of the month, we’re heading to New Orleans for a small family reunion with Paul’s immediate family. Then, it’s the big second anniversary for us followed immediately by Paul’s big 3-0!

Maybe I will be able to experience some of that New England fall feeling after all.


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