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Sarah Palin & Katie Couric Skit on SNL September 28, 2008

Some Sunday afternoon humor… Remember, it’s funny because it’s true!

Click HERE for a good laugh.


Stay At Home Week September 22, 2008

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ABC is touting this week as “National Stay At Home Week” to promote it’s fall TV line up, which begins tonight (or last night if you include the horribly boring Emmy Awards). Unfortunately for the alphabet network, none of their shows are appealing to me. The other networks, NBC and CBS, have some (possible) winners for fall that look enticing… Some of which start this week or at a later date. Here are some of the highlights I’m looking forward to:

Heroes– I have never seen an episode of this program as they didn’t show the series in Australia. However, my family loves it as well as just about every person I’ve ever met. The cast looks amazing, the premise is intriguing and I’m hoping that I’ll be able to quickly pick up on the new season and not feel completely lost on things past.

My Own Worst Enemy– this drama could possibly be either really good or completely horrible. I’m willing to give it a chance.

Kath & Kim– Based on the wildly popular Australian series with the same title, I’m guessing this comedy is going to be a hit. It was funny in Australia and the US version appears to be even more hillarious. I really hope it is!

The Office– Although they didn’t show the US version in Australia, I have seen a few episodes and it caught my attention so I’ll tune in for this season.

30 Rock– I have NEVER seen this but it’s getting a lot of hype so I think I’ll check it out. It did well with the Emmy noms and awards so it’s got to be good, right?

Two and a Half Men– Absolutely fantastic cast, good laughs and fun for the entire family.

How I Met Your Mother– THE. BEST. COMEDY. EVER. No explaination needed. WATCH IT!

Worst Week– Looks funny or else it is one of those akward shows that makes you cringe and uneasy. Therefore it can’t be watched because the entire time you’re like, “oh god;” “no, oh god, I can’t watch this;” “This is killing me.”

I’m usually not one for planning my life around TV, however, I have been a bit deprieved of decent television programming for the last three years. Therefore, I’m looking forward to having TV viewing choices. I’m not saying I’m going to watch all of the above, but it will be DVR’d for viewing pleasure at my leisure. Then, I’ll get rid of the bad and stick with the select good few. So maybe this week will be a bit of a stay at home TV watching week but sorry, I won’t be watching ABC.


The End of a Secret Love Affair September 18, 2008

It’s the end of the road… no, not between Paul and I (haters!). It’s over something completely ridiculous to some but extremely necessary for my daily living. I’m talking about my love for Secret Platinum Soft Solid™. I have been using this little gem of a deoderant since it was released into the market. I love it and I can’t live without it. In fact, I am such a deoderant freak, I had this deoderant shipped to me in Australia because it was not sold there. No other deoderants could ever compare to my Secret Platinum Soft Solid.

So I admit it. I am a total deodorant freak. There, I said it. I put this stuff on numerous times a day… sometimes all within 5 minutes of the last application. I get out of the shower, slap some on. Brush my teeth and comb my hair, slap on some more. Get dressed, slap it on again. Do my hair, slap on some more. Get ready to leave the house… well, you get the point. I’m a bit obsessed. I love my deodorant and it’s not because I have an odor problem either. It’s more of an addiction of sorts. I know, I’m weird but what can I say, I love the junk. I’m not quite sure when my deodorant addiction began? Maybe it’s because when I was much, much younger Mom would buy us Arrid Extra Dry™ deodorant to use and I hated it. I despised the smell, the solid, everything about it. From there, I learned to become an aficionado, of sorts, of deodorant. I know, it’s weird. The hubby thinks I’m crazy. But look, it is what it is… it’s not ever going to change.

I hate gels… icky and gooey. I hate roll-ons… too wet and doesn’t go on smoothly. I hate invisible… weird strange smell and it doesn’t last very long. I hate solids… it’s messy and I always get it all over my clothes. I hate aerosols… stings when applying and hate inhaling the chemical cloud. I hate clear gels/solids, etc… just doesn’t work and it stinks, literally. But low and behold, a little miracle in the odor and sweat oppressors came along… Secret Platinum Soft Solid. If you haven’t tried this innovator in underarm science, you’re seriously missing out. It’s so light, silky and smooth and works like a charm every time. This is the end all and be all in the deodorant world and the only type of deodorant I will ever use… or so I thought.

I still have a little stash of Secret Platinum Soft Solid left over from Australia, however, I’m quickly running out. I ventured to the grocery store to pick up some more soft solid but they didn’t have any. Weird? Strange? Yes, but I thought instead maybe it’s sold at places like Target or various drugstores. I don’t know, I’ve been out of the country for three years and have always had someone else buy it for me… what do I know? I hopped in my car and I drove to check out Target but the shelves were empty of the little wonder. I went on to the drugstore… strike three, I’m out! No luck. I was starting to panic. What could be happening? Why, oh why, is my most favorite deodorant no where to be found?

Well, I soon found out from a stock boy that they’re DISCONTINUING Secret Platinum Soft Solid. You can imagine my shock and the horror. I nearly fainted right then and there. I don’t know what I’m going to do or how I’ll ever get over my love. I’m lost. I think a letter is in order for Procter and Gamble. Supposedly it’s being discontinued to make way for their new Secret Flawless™. It’s suppose to be some kind of revolutioinary smooth powder.

So now I must ration my Secret Platinum Soft Solid… and you can imagine how hard that is for me. God help me when the day comes that my Secret Platinum can no longer click up any more soft solid. The hubby is already preparing for the fall out.

Photo Credit: Secret®, Copyright: Secret®

***UPDATE: Please read my follow up post which you can find HERE.


Tired of Liars in Office September 13, 2008

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Breaking News September 12, 2008

Found this gem on Onion Sports
(Thanks, Kimo!)


Female Fans Out For Season With Tom Brady’s Knee Injury

September 11, 2008

FOXBOROUGH, MA—More than 90 percent of female football fans were lost for the season on Sunday when New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady suffered a left knee injury that will require extensive treatment. The Patriots announced Monday that Brady, the 2007 NFL Most Valuable Player and arguably the NFL’s most handsome man, will be placed on injured reserve, where despite being no less attractive than before his injury, he will only be partially visible for the rest of the 2008-2009 season.

TS Brady R

Bill Belichick held a press conference Tuesday confirming that Brady will have surgery, ending his 128-game combined starting-and-high-visibility streak, the third longest for a quarterback and the longest ever for a quarterback heartthrob.

Brady left Sunday’s game against Kansas City after suffering an ugly anterior cruciate ligament tear in his incredibly handsome left knee after being hit by merely average-looking Chiefs safety Bernard Pollard.

“We feel badly for the nation’s women about the injury,” Belichick said. “And for Tom, of course. You hate to see anyone with that kind of masculine yet boyish appeal go down. No one has worked harder or done more for this team’s female fan base than Tom has, and we expect him to set his rugged, chiseled jaw, keep his twinkling blue eyes on the prize, and be ready to get back on the field and in front of the cameras by next year.”

Matt Cassel, who analysts say looked “consistent and confident” while guiding New England to its 20th straight regular-season win after Brady was hurt and “okay but not remarkable” in jeans and a polo shirt after the game, will start Sunday at the New York Jets, although there are doubts Cassel can win as many games and women as Brady.

“Well, as far as my role on this team goes, I’m not trying to be Tom Brady. I’m just trying to be Matt,” Cassel said when subbing for Brady on his regular weekly radio show. “I mean, I have to just be myself, or else the ladies will sense I’m faking it, and in the end, that’ll make it worse. I just hope there’s one special fan group out there for me.”

Cassel has been a second fiddle his entire football career, even in college at Southern California, where he was backup and wingman to lovable tousle-headed manchild Matt Leinart.

But football and demographics analysts agree that Brady’s injury surely changes the rugged, weatherbeaten complexion of the entire NFL, where the Patriots, winners of three Super Bowls since 2001 with Brady as their quarterback and spokesmodel, were the strong female-fan favorite. However, Belichick denied the team reached out to any other more experienced or handsome quarterbacks.

Although losing Brady’s strong arm and sculpted face will not be easy for the Patriots, the impact of his loss is expected to be felt around the NFL, where Brady has been the leading performer both on and off the field for the last several seasons. League commissioner Roger Goodell called an emergency owner’s meeting Monday in which attendees discussed measures designed to compensate for Brady’s loss, such as giving poise and diction lessons to Peyton or Eli Manning, getting Brett Favre a new wardrobe and a decent haircut, or teaching Ben Affleck how to play football.

Unfortunately for the NFL, Brady’s loss seems to have affected more than just the Patriots and women. Many Boston-area fans of both genders, claiming that the team isn’t worth watching without Brady, have concentrated their attention on the waning and somewhat disheveled Red Sox season or the attractive upcoming Celtics’ NBA title defense. The sports media has likewise gone into shock, with columnist Bill Simmons saying he will no longer watch football this season, Sports Illustrated canceling large Brady-themed sections of this years’ upcoming swimsuit issue, and NBC Football Night In America analyst Cris Collinsworth bursting into tears and collapsing into Peter King’s arms upon receiving the news.

“No one else in football has Brady’s unique talents—the physical gifts of build, height, arms, cheekbones, piercingly sultry field vision, the combination of arm strength and accuracy with a sense of tenderness, the combination of smirk and pout—along with the intangibles and the ability to look good in everything,” said Tom Chiarella, who scouted and evaluated Brady for the September issue of Esquire. “It’s impossible to estimate the impact of his loss, but it will almost certainly mean the loss of most female fans, many Boston-area fans, fair-weather fans, and the majority of mainstream media fans. The NFL is really looking at a worst-case scenario here, one that it never wanted to happen: A football season that’s only watched by actual football fans.”


The OC September 8, 2008

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As part of Sister’s last hurrah in Cali the entire family drove to Newport Beach for a day of fun in the sun. Just like Big Bear, Newport has become a family ritual. Every summer when Sister is home, we head to The OC where we enjoy a seafood lunch, check out Balboa Island and relax on a leisure, harbor cruise complete with seal watching.

Sister is gone now, back to NYC, but Newport was a nice way to wrap up a nice summer with everyone together once more. We miss you, Sister! xo


“Karl Rove bitterly divided on the experience issue” September 4, 2008

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