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A Boston girl goes Hollywood then chucks it away for a life in OZ… these are my adventures and general musings.

Big Bear August 24, 2008

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“Oh, I love that little bear town.” These are the immortal words of Sister that we hear just about every day when she’s visiting California. EVERY time Sister comes home for a visit, we MUST go to Big Bear, otherwise re-named, “That Little Bear Town” by Sister. And I don’t mean we go just once. We go over and over again.

On our most recent trip to That Little Bear Town, Sister and I drove up the windiest mountain in the world and finally arrived just in time for some lunch. We have a bit of a sisterly ritual where we do just about the same exact things every time we go.

Our first stop is for some much needed grub at the little bear restaurant. After we stuff ourselves silly, we suit up and hit the lake for some kayaking followed by some much needed ice cream and chocolate from the little bear candy store. There’s nothing like some good old-fashioned sister bonding time.


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