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Bread & Jam August 22, 2008

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Paul and I have been experimenting lately with making homemade bread and jam. Surprisingly, it really is quite easy. We did everything by hand and only used the oven for baking the bread and the stove for sterilizing and sealing the jam.

We got our inspiration from our favourite British chef, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall who is a “real food” campaigner with his back to basics philosophy. We first found out about him during our time in Australia. He’s a British chef with several books and a few TV shows about River Cottage. I know, TV shows, books… trust me, he is not a celebrity, flashy chef. In fact, he’s a country farmer chef. His food philosophy is all about self-sufficiency, food integrity, and the consumption of local, seasonal produce. He farms, he fishes, he forages, he kills livestock and eats it. Hugh supports the environment, the local economy and takes advantage of mother nature’s gifts. It’s basic, simple, real cooking.

After a recent viewing of a few episodes of River Cottage, we decided to make blueberry jam and sourdough bread loaves. I could tell you how we did it but then you wouldn’t check out Hugh and I want you to! So instead, I’ll leave you with pictures of the fruits of our labours. Now go buy his DVDs and books- you’ll love him!


2 Responses to “Bread & Jam”

  1. emily Says:

    How impressive! … and great pick with blueberry – it sounds heavenly.

  2. Christian Says:

    Holly that’s great! I’m impressed and sounds so good right now.

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