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Worst. Wine. EVER. August 18, 2008

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I admit it, Paul and I are winos. We love the sauce- white or red but definitely NOT pink. Sorry, pink is just not for us.

Anyway, it’s normal for us to go wine tasting and come home with two or three cases of wine. I don’t know what it is, but when we go tasting, we get rather friendly with our barista or even the wine maker, if it’s a small boutique winery. This often leads to exclusive wine tastings, back cellar tours and heaps more pours that the average patron would consume.

Case in point, note the 21 bottles in between Paul and I at a recent wine tasting… yes, we tasted all of them in one go.

Anyway, Sister, Paul and I decided to check out a small yet upcoming wine region, Temecula Valley, in Southern California. Boy, were we sorely disappointed. This has got to be the worst wine region we have ever sampled in our lives. It was really quite horrible and so completely overpriced for what it was, it was a bit ridiculous. At the Temecula wineries you have to pay to taste. In different wine regions, this is normal practice although a lot of times, tastings are free or you’re charged a very nominal fee. Well, not only did you have to pay but tastings were each a minimum of $10-$15 per person for about four tastes. At each winery we visited it was at least $30-$45 down the drain. I would not have minded paying if the wine was good, but, it wasn’t. Personally, for an “emerging” wine region, I think their tasting prices are very steep and the number of pours chintzy, but now I know why… no one is buying their product! I am not kidding when I say at one winery, my wine smelled and tasted like manure. I promise you, I am not lying or being overly dramatic. I paid $15 for a sip of cow poo. It was so bizarre. It’s like you could taste the chemicals and fertilizers they used on their vines. Needless to say we did not purchase any wine from any of the five wineries we visited and from what we could tell not many patrons were buying, either. They were all pretty bad or insanely overpriced for what it was. Being the winos that we are, Paul and I were shocked that we could not find one bottle we liked. We had no guilty feelings about walking away from the bar without a bottle or two in hand, after all, we did just pay $15 each for a glass of fertilizer.

Despite our disappointment in the wine, we still had fun in our wine misery and enjoyed the gorgeous, summer day.


4 Responses to “Worst. Wine. EVER.”

  1. emily Says:

    I never knew you were the sommeliers! At least not all was lost… your pictures are cute and now I’ll know where to avoid when I come to California.

  2. Suze Says:

    Pay for wine tasting? I’m quietly outraged on your behalf!
    You’d never have that happen in the Hunter Valley. Nice pics tho!

  3. Holly Says:

    Oh, the Hunter Valley… how I miss it! You’re right, Suze- it would NEVER happen in the Hunter. They’ve got a good thing going on down there!

  4. trustavenger Says:

    I like Paso and Napa wine better than Temecula but I’m 5 hours from Paso vs. 1 hour from Temecula. Paso is a three day weekend while Temecula is an afternoon. And I definitely agree that many of the Temecula wineries have prices that are out of line with the quality. Yet, I’ve been to all the wineries and have found a few that are worth driving to for an afternoon.

    I’ve recently posted a web page with my favorite Temecula wines by category.

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