It Feels Like Home

A Boston girl goes Hollywood then chucks it away for a life in OZ… these are my adventures and general musings.

Play Ball July 17, 2008

Since we’ve slowly been settling in to our lives in the desert, we’re starting to take advantage of the different activites and events in the area. First, we started with golf. Now, we’ve become fans of the Palm Springs Power. They are a local baseball team in the So Cal Collegiate Conference. It’s basically a summer league where college players from around the US come to play during their off season.

We decided to brave the 100 degree plus heat, so Dad, Paul, Sister and I headed to the stadium. Luckily, the heat wasn’t as devastating as it should have been thanks to the misters which really do keep things cool. After loading up with a few beers and hot dogs we settled in for all nine innings. We got to see some great, young talent but unfortunately, it wasn’t the Power’s night and they lost.

Overall, I’m glad we checked it out. We all enjoyed ourselves at the game and we’ll be returning for the all-star game next week. I’m thankful there is a league around here as it’s nice to be able to watch live baseball, again. After living in Australia for three years, we’ve been in withdrawl from America’s favorite pastime. Now, let’s… play ball!


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