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Just F’in Whack It July 14, 2008

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Since we’re currently residing in the land of golf, Paul, Sister and I have decided to jump on the golfing bandwagon and give it a go. Paul and Sister have played before and they can certainly hold their own on any course, but I’m basically limited to mini golf. Sadly, I’ve been informed that mini golf doesn’t count. So, I’m taking baby steps and moving on up to the driving range. WARNING: Sound the alarms, clear the fields: Golf challenged girl has a driver in hand and no skill!

Well, maybe I’m not that bad… after all, I did have two personal instructors giving me lessons.

Paul: “Line up with the ball and hold your arms straight, feet slightly apart.”
Sister: “Just F’in whack it.”
Paul: “Okay, move closer and put your weight slightly over the ball…”
Sister: “Sister, just F’in WHACK it.”
Paul: “Okay, now bring your arms back keeping the front one slightly straight, the other one can bend.”
Sister: “You have to whoosh it.”
Me: “Whoosh it?”
Sister: “Yeah, just F’in whack it so it whooshes.”
Paul: *Rolls eyes and gives up*

So, what do you think… am I ready to turn pro, yet?

I’ll let you decide… Which one is the better instructor?

Maybe I’ll stick with the driving range for a bit.


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